About III

About III


Swimming in the vast swell of the aesthetic sea, sometimes with and at other times against the tidal flow, Ana Teles works primarily as a painter and photographer. Making the work requires repetitive processes, wave upon wave of artistic intervention that – slowly – bring to the viewer’s gaze the true forms and colours of the world. 

Teles is a conceptual painter, but one who attends closely to the compositional elements of her work, the quality of the brush marks and how the colours abut against each other on the painted surface.  The rigor of the intentional and executional qualities is central to her focus.

Teles’s photographs are taken on old, slightly damaged cameras, in which the light’s access to the film resists precise control, thereby creating images whose structure and stability is partially obscured.  Form emerges through a sea-mist of unknowing.

Ana Teles is a member of the Cubitt artists co-operative, based in Islington, London.

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