Andrew Bick


Copying the work of Andrew Bick

London, 2017-21


Ana Teles approached Andrew Bick to collaborate in her PhD research, for which she is making an exact copy (within the bounds of what she discovers to be possible) of the original drawing OGVDS-GW #6 (2015). As part of the dialogue leading up to Teles’ selection of this work, Bick explained the genesis of the drawing series, and how intrigued he was with the ideas that her project further explored ideas he was already thinking about in the development of this work.

Andrew Bick, 2018


The copy of Andrew Bick’s drawing is part of Ana Teles’ research project that deals with questions of authenticity, originality and artistic identity undertaken by copying the work of other artists. Since 2017 Teles has been trying to make an exact copy of OGVDS-GW #6, which has resulted in 30 attempted copies. Teles is not only interested in the copying itself, but how its ontological status and destiny are going to be negotiated in collaboration with Bick. 

Ana Teles, 2018