Portrait As…

Portrait As…

Chelsea College of Art and Design, 2012-13


Nikolai as Ana as Nikolai, 2013

Ana Teles’s work involves repeating her colleagues’ practices, seeking to imitate their postures, processes and even their physical work. With this strategy she establishes a confrontation between what others make and her own practice, between what belongs to them and what belongs to her.  She aims to place herself in a critical position whereby she questions her ideas, habits and processes, thus making way for the practices of other artists.

As part of this performance she simulates someone’s studio space and photographs herself as if that place and persona were her own. Teles uses a ‘disguise’ in order to erase herself, but only to a certain extent: she is always visible. The other is there, but it is being appropriated, interpreted and questioned.

London, 2012-13