Discursivity I & II


Camberwell, Chelsea and WimbledonPhD students have come together for a collective exhibition of their ongoing practice work: ‘Discursivity’ is a two-part exhibition over two sites involving a day of discussion around the exhibition work.

This exhibition of works aims to showcase the visibility of the innovative and exploratory research within practice-based PhD candidates. Together we hope to provide shared insights about what is proposed within postgraduate art education and the increasing rise of research contexts available today.



Attempt at Copy IV
Ana Teles’ attempts at copies of OGVDS-GW-SB#6 by Andrew Bick
Sally Hilal, The site-specific installation during the transitional phase of reconstruction: A Syria context
Adrienne Bennie, In The Margins
Exhibition view
Remi Rana Allen, The construction of the British – Indian Identity and the role of the Mother as influencer